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  1. MIDI-to-TTL/CMOS; MTC (MIDI Time Code); MIDI Sync, etc
  2. MIDI Vibraphone
  3. Triggering Casio MT-100 Drums
  4. Midify Hammond B3 pedals
  5. MIDI-to-pyrotechnics / decoder latency
  6. Jupiter 6 arpeggio clock
  7. midi to control effects loops
  8. LED Control via MIDI
  9. Synare MIDI Retrofit, Juno 6, Casio MT-240
  10. MIDI control for toys, etc
  11. Korg Delta MIDI
  12. MSA-P vs MSA-R vs MSA-T
  13. I want to build a trigger...
  14. MIDI Sync for Jupiter 6 Arpeggiator
  15. MIDI controlled LED spot light
  16. Midi controlled switching of bends on a TR-505?
  17. Atari 2600 syncing to LINN DRUM
  18. MIDI-controlled electrical outlets
  19. Controlling 120V power with MIDI
  20. MIDI-to-CV
  21. Calliope MIDI Retrofit
  22. MIDI to Trigger Question
  23. MIDI to S-Trig
  24. DIY MIDI Controller (MIDI Encoder)
  25. Maestro Rhythm King MIDI Retrofit
  26. Mattel Synsonics MIDI Retrofit
  27. MIDI Retrofit for Yamaha DD Series Drum Machines
  28. Gakken sx-150
  29. Midi controlling of relays for amp channel switching
  30. MIDI control for Yamaha SK-15
  31. midi control of Moog s-triggers
  32. Triggering an old drum machine
  33. Using MIDI to control Commodore 64 Joystick
  34. using peizo's for triggers?
  35. Guitar amp, midi interface and outboard fx?
  36. crumar ds-2 or korg 800DV
  37. midi to control ggg ssswitcher
  38. analog kick pedal to midi
  39. Recording light
  40. Casio SK-200 product selection?
  41. MIDI to CV for Note Velocity
  42. multiple midi foot controllers
  43. MIDI to control 24VAC mac valves
  44. Korg Monotron?
  45. Keybords, which to use ?
  46. Which combo of HL products would help facilitate this?
  47. Use Md24 for midi to click in to control sh 101 tempo
  48. MIDI Retrofit for Roland TR-909 Drum Machine
  49. Ribbon controller instrument
  50. Eko P15 - Midi Retrofit ??
  51. Noob Questions
  52. which HL for this one?
  53. midi control of a guitar amp
  54. Remote analog volume control via midi expression pedal
  55. MIDI to CV
  56. midi channel multiplexor
  57. Controller or Decoder?
  58. Help with product selection
  59. Amplifier switcher - 4 heads into one cab
  60. Player Piano MIDI Retrofit
  61. Midify drum section of Casiotone 6000
  62. Guitar output to MIDI
  63. MIDI for Korg KR-55?
  64. switch analogue reverb from midi
  65. Advice for a synth diy project.
  66. Hammond Bass Pedals Project
  67. CC&PC Contr'L On Digitech GNX4 GT'R DAW & Roland GR33 W/MIDI GT'R
  68. Project idea
  69. Lidovox Retrofit
  70. DIY Master Keyboard Controller.
  71. MIDI Sequenced Christmas Lights
  72. Homemade tube guitar preamp
  73. MIDI Retrofit for Kawai SX-210
  74. VISCOUNT INTERCONTINENTAL OP-3 to midi decoder
  75. Anyone Midi-fitted a Hing Hon EK001?
  76. Korg kr55
  77. Allen ADC midi for sequencing
  78. MIDI for Roland VP-330 and Yamaha SK-20
  79. Possible to make a midi to trigger unit with a Highly Liquid item?
  80. Midi-izing an acoustic marimba
  81. Texas Instruments Speak & XXXXX
  82. Simple and small stomp box: 8 CC messages?
  83. Univox SR-55 MIDI Retrofit (Vintage Drum Machine)
  84. Carvin Quad X-Amp MIDI Retrofit
  85. Splitting masterkeyboard
  86. MIDI retrofit for electronic tabla machine
  87. MIDI to CV product?
  88. A Variety of questions...
  89. Dedicated MIDI products vs Arduino
  90. Augmenting a Pipe Organ using Virtual Organ Software
  91. MIDI Retrofits: Roland TR-606 & MC-202, Yamaha MR10, Casiotone MT-45
  92. Control For Moded 808 Bassdrum
  93. MIDI CPU to drive Crosspoint Matrix (not a keyboard switch matrix)
  94. MD24 or MSA
  95. Midification of Rodgers 320 Organ or Build from Components Advice
  96. 3 position switch for organ
  97. Midi program change via keypad
  98. Foot controller for Amplitube
  99. 12 audio loops, 2 channel switches MIDI foot controller for guitar pedalboard
  100. midi for Polyvox and March UDS
  101. Sequencing of 6-10 notes?
  102. Midi retrofit for Lowrey V-100 synth
  103. which MSA for mesa boogie channel switching
  104. Tempo click/flash to MIDI CLOCK?
  105. Midi Foot Controller/Looper with presets
  106. Retrofitting Technic sx-ex30l organ pedals
  107. velocity support
  108. Midification of Yamaha CS50 & SK20
  109. MIDI retro fit for lowrey magic genie 44
  110. Project for live and production music
  111. Kimball organ conversion
  112. Midi Foot Controller for Kemper Profiling Amp
  113. Ordering FAQ
  114. MIDI for 1978 Yamaha Electone c40 organ
  115. Building a custom instrument with MIDI - which product do I use?
  116. Help building a midi floor switcher to control Eventide H9 & Novadrive
  117. Breath Controller to Operate a Welder?