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  1. Rock Band MIDI Drum Mod FAQ
  2. MSA Troubleshooting Basics (Rev C Boards)
  3. MSA-R vs MSA-T
  4. SysEx
  5. power requirements!
  6. Adding LED's to indicate switch state
  7. MSA-R DC loads
  8. trigger problems
  9. DPDT or 3PDT Relays for DECODERS
  10. USING MSA-R to gate audio
  11. MSA MIDI-In Malfunction
  12. Using MIDI Program Changes to Control Outputs
  13. MSA-P relay not fully switched "off"?
  14. MIDI configuration problem?
  15. midi led on MSA-R
  16. sysex
  17. best solenoid hook up?
  18. MSA-P Power Supply / Battery
  19. MSA-T to Boss DR-55 question
  20. MSA-P Troubleshooting (power / short circuit)
  21. Pulse output as a watchdog
  22. NPN motor/solenoid control using MSA-P/MSA-R (was: Welded relays or Sysex doofus?)
  23. MSA-R outputs that "stick"
  24. quick power question...
  25. msa-t solenoid problem
  26. msa-t switch one and three are linked
  27. MSA-P MIDI communication problems.
  28. MSA-T Robot Drummer
  29. midi control of Moog s-triggers
  30. Using MIDI Program Change for arbitrary "Preset" output states
  31. Fuse ratings for an MSA-T
  32. 4 Octave Support?
  33. Program Change and sysex support
  34. Solenoid Recommendations to go with MSA-T
  35. MSA-R Sysex Programming
  36. From MMC play to relay.... Help!
  37. Now i have the MSA-T ready. (MSA Troubleshooting)
  38. addressing multiple MSA units
  39. MSA MIDI Signal Test
  40. MSA- R Toggle Relay Command Question
  41. MSA-R Communication Problem
  42. drum beater mechanics
  43. MSA-T wiring trouble shoot
  44. MSA-R synth module - How to power it?
  45. MSA-T Solenoid help for newbies?
  46. MIDI Controlled Recording Light for Apple Logic 9.0
  47. Obvious show-off thread (finished project)
  48. Functionality request
  49. Robot drummers with MSA-R and MSA-T
  50. Max/MSP
  51. more trouble
  52. Studio Recording Display
  53. Software Beta Testers Wanted
  54. Output modes request
  55. The Moose Is Loose
  56. MSA Product Update
  57. MSA-R not comunicating
  58. Can a LED be used as a protection diode??
  59. Switching 12vDC (500mA)? [MSA-R vs MSA-P vs MSA-T]
  60. iPatch - Guitar Pedal Switcher
  61. MSA Firmware 3.x configuration
  62. Firmware 3.2 Features Discussion
  63. MSA Configuration Utilities (Strongly Recommended!)
  64. Yahama YPG 535 midi out?
  65. MSA MIDI Port Functions (In/Out/Thru), Output Wiring
  66. MSA Preset operation:
  67. MSA-R solenoid driver circuit (was: MSA-R output "stick")
  68. MSA-T and capacitor to slow relay
  69. Mixing and matching MSAs?
  70. Do I need to use the supplied output elements on the MSA board?
  71. Midi control 1/4 jacks on guitar amp.
  72. fader start/stop function
  73. relay gone bad?
  74. cc#'s
  75. Mesa Boogie 2:100 Power Amp MIDI Control (was: possible use for midi decoder.)
  76. Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (Mux/Demux) Wiring Question
  77. MSA-P Boss DR-110 MIDI Retrofit
  78. Making an amp and loop switcher
  79. MSA-T heat & note length
  80. MSA-P : Midi to Din Sync
  81. Fruit Bazooka
  82. MSA-T turning on small DC motors from a Soundtrack
  83. Output Question
  84. MSA-R momentary switching?
  85. Output pulse on both CC "on" and CC "off"
  86. Firmware Updating
  87. MSA LED, MIDI I/O and Programming Questions
  88. Dual MIDI Thru on Rev K MSA
  89. MSA power supply questions
  90. mode suggestion: note trigger "match only"
  91. MMC Help
  92. MSA to drive SSRs
  93. Midifying dr.110 - msa-p noob question
  94. MSA to Blackstar DB-9 amp switcher
  95. Need help writing SYSEX for MSA-R, multiple notes triggering 1 relay
  96. Dancing Monkey
  97. Recommended load for MSA-R relay?
  98. MSA-R (rev. K) with Pod HD pro
  99. MSA-T for MIDI-controlled power relays for motors and lights
  100. Carvin Quad X-Amp MIDI control questions
  101. MSA-R Unresponsive
  102. MIDI Light Controller Using MSA-R
  103. Information for MSA output indicator LED wiring
  104. Get the latest MSA firmware here. (3.2)
  105. preset mode help needed
  106. Firmware 3.3 Features Discussion
  107. Pro Tools Record Indicator
  108. MSA-R with Instrument Level signals...
  109. Midi Mapping
  110. Custom Project, MSA-R Configuration
  111. MSA-P, MSA-R, MSA-T Output Schematics
  112. MSA rev C. Mod question
  113. MSA Documentation Index
  114. Preset Output
  115. Disable SYSEX in MSA-R?
  116. Sqwerl error message after scanning
  117. Thanks John!
  118. MSA-R to control 120v 5amps
  119. Managing chained MSA modules
  120. Problems Sqwerl on mac & pc
  121. MSA-P blackstar amp switcher latest version
  122. MSA-R with Voodoo Lab GCP and GCX
  123. MSA-x -> AirTurn BT-105
  124. The eternal question, which one do I need ?
  125. MSA fixed-length pulse issue
  126. MSA-T Factory reset