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Old 07-31-2009, 08:38 PM
wisteria wisteria is offline
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Default Realistic Concertmate 680 missing high octave

hay there, I've got 2 kits... the first I put in my casio CTK 120 and it works perfect. The second keyboard though, I've put in a mildly modified Realistic Concertmate 680 has a slight problem. Only 36 of it's 49 notes are controllable via midi. Select lines 7, 8, and 9 are not triggering the top 13 high notes for some reason. I was able to trigger the same high notes though, via midi, by switching the the wires around and using select lines 1-6. The crystal in the keyboard is a 16 (Mhz ?) and is not the original (lost). I do like it cause it's tuned about a quarter note in between the casio (same sound font, so I can maybe do a 24 tone thing with them). I did experiment with several crystals to see if that would affect the midi function, nothing helped, although the 10 mhz one that I started out with actually made the select lines 7-9 put out bad signals that were obviously different from select lines 1-6 when observed with a data probe.

Speed switch and "first midi note" adjustment and have been tried several different ways. I've only used midi channel 1 for testing. Also, I checked the board extensively for soldering problems and such, and I also swapped the ROM from the other working keyboard, so I know that's fine cause they acted the same.

I noticed you had a Realistic Concertmate's 500 and 650 listed on the discontinued SKM kit and I was wondering if there was a different setting or a jumper or something to add to Realistics? I suppose I could just slide all my select lines over by 2, put a DPDT switch to switch back and forth between the bass octaves and pretty much have it, since I'm also working up a midi controlled relay project anyways, I could get the extra notes using that, unless you've got a better way?

thanks- Eric
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Old 08-01-2009, 05:17 PM
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Hi Eric,

It sounds like the 680's select sequence & speed are causing the problem. There probably is not a workaround for this--it is likely a result of the UMR's select polling implementation (data injection is a little slower for some select lines than others).

Perhaps a future UMR revision will allow further adjustments that might solve this type of problem. Sorry for not having a better answer for you.

If you ever have a chance to post the connections for the CTK-120, I'm sure there are other users out there that would be grateful.

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Old 08-02-2009, 01:42 AM
wisteria wisteria is offline
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Default Realistic Concertmate 680 configuration

and also..

Realistic Concertmate 680

scan-high configuration

i/o connections

note: (*) = these select lines may or may not be functional

umr select in (1st #) - Host ribbon cable (2nd #)

1 - 1
2 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 4
5 - 11
6 - 12
7 - 13 (*)
8 - 14 (*)
9 - 15 (*)
A - None
B - None

umr data (1st #) - Host ribbon cable (2nd #)
1 - 10
2 - 9
3 - 8
4 - 5
5 - 6
6 - 7

Dip switch 1 setting 5 on ,6 off, 7 on, 8 ?
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