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Default MD24 note "gate" output

R. writes:

I am looking at programming the following sys ex on a future purchase
of an MD24;

010400-note number -bit 0
020500-note number -bit 1
030600-note number -bit 2
040700-note number -bit 3
050800-note number -bit 4
060900-note number -bit 5
070A00-note number -bit 6

My question is;
Is there a way to isolate the 'note on ' bit and route it to an individual
output so I may use it as a gate bit? Bear in mind, I only need the
note on bit and not the note number hex (in mm01), otherwise I may
need to use shift registers.
If not, do you know of any creative way to get this? Maybe something
simple I am overlooking? Also, I'm guessing the outputs per above are
bits alone, not bit streams?
I'm not sure if I totally understand the question, but hopefully this will move the conversation forward:

It is very easy to get a "gate" signal from an MD24 output, as long as you want the gate for a specific note number.

In fact, without any configuration change at all, the MD24 will generate a gate signal for MIDI notes 60-83. This is the "factory default" configuration.

If you'd like to have different note numbers, let me know and we'll discuss how to change the configuration.

Hope this helps.
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