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Default MIDI2600 Troubleshooting

D. writes:

hello. i recently purchased a midi2600 external kit from AtariAge and soldered it together this past weekend. when testing it, i could only get one note to play - the one played by the right controller. it will either play the pitfall sound or the drum loops on the "G" key. i'm playing a midiman oxygen8 midi keyboard. i've tried every combination of the dip switch and changed to every channel on the midi keyboard. i'm fairly certain i soldered everything correctly (but i could be wrong).

any ideas on what i'm doing wrong?
You are using Synthcart, correct?

Please leave DIP switch positions 5 & 6 "on" at all times so that the MIDI2600 remains in keypad mode. (And be sure to completely disconnect & reconnect power to the MIDI2600 after you make any dip switch change.)

Here is the MIDI implementation chart--this might help:


Make sure you are sending the correct MIDI note #s to the MIDI2600 to trigger the keypad buttons.

Let me know if this helps.
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