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Old 11-28-2011, 08:08 PM
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Default Controlling 220V lights with MIDI via MD24

P. writes:

i would like to control 220 volt lights with midi. i am thinking about
to purchase your MD24 MIDI Decoder for this task,, but i have some
questions about it.

- since i would like to control more than 24 lights, my quesion is: is
it possible to connect more devices like this on one midi output using
midi thru? so like this the first 24 notes would control the first 24
lights, and the second 24 would control the next 24.
Yes, each MD24 has a MIDI thru port, so you can chain together several units. You can find connection diagrams for this in the MD24 hardware user manual, available at the MD24 product page.

- can i solve somehow with this device, to control even the strenght
of the lights ( on/off by note on/off, and strenght for example with
velocity), or i will only capable of switching them on/off? if that is
that case, could you recommend another device of yours, wich i can
solve this problem with?
The MD24 is capable of taking note velocity and outputting it as a 7-bit parallel value. If you can take this type of signal and use it for a DAC that would control a dimmer circuit, maybe that would work.

The MD24 also has servo output modes--so you could rig a servo to a dimmer knob to accomplish this.

There is also the MPA, which has MIDI-controlled potentiometer outputs. These could work, as long as the MPA is not exposed to the mains voltage that is being dimmed.

If you let me know more about how the lights are controlled (relays, some kind of dimmer or other control circuit), I might have some additional ideas.
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