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Default Casio SK-10 Installation

Step 1: Assemble the SKM circuit board.

See the illustrated assembly notes. Set position #5 on the DIP switch to "OFF".

Step 2: Ground "AUX SCAN" pads 3 & 4.

Connect "AUX SCAN" pads 3 and 4 to ground. Ground can be accessed at the negative terminal of C3.

Step 3: Attach the hook-up wires.

Attach a 15" length of wire to each of the following pads on the SKM circuit board:
  • MIDI "4" and "5"
  • "+5V" and "GND"
  • "TO KEYBOARD" pads 1-12

Step 4: Disconnect power from the SK-10.

Disconnect any external power cords and remove any batteries from the SK-10. After disconnection, move the SK-10 "mode" switch to the "play" position to drain any stored charges.

Step 5: Mount the MIDI jack on the SK-10.

The MIDI jack requires one 5/8" hole and two 3/32" holes as shown.
You must supply 2 screws to mount the jack. Use #4 sheet metal screws.

Step 6: Mount the SKM circuit board.

There is space inside the SK-10 near the speaker.

Step 7: Connect the MIDI jack to the SKM.

Connect pin 4 on the MIDI jack to the pad marked "M4" on the SKM circuit board. Connect pin 5 on the MIDI jack to the pad marked "M5" on the SKM circuit board.

Step 8: Connect the SKM power lines to the SK-10.

Connect the "GND" and "+5V" pads on the SKM circuit board to the SK-10 main board as shown.

Step 9: Connect the SKM keyboard control lines to the SK-10.

Locate the 21-conductor ribbon cable that connects the SK-10 keys to the SK-10 main board. The conductors are numbered 1 to 21. Connect each of the "TO KEYBOARD" pads on the SKM circuit board to the ribbon cable as shown below.

[SKM "TO KEYBOARD"] - [SK-10 21-Pin Ribbon]
1 - 10
2 - 2
3 - 5
4 - 3
5 - 4
6 - 11
7 - 12
8 - 13
9 - 14
10 - 15
11 - 16
12 - 17

Installation Complete

Connect your SK-10 to the "MIDI OUT" port on any MIDI sequencer or MIDI controller.
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