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Old 02-08-2016, 05:46 PM
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Default Few basic questions ~ NEW to MIDI CPU


This project looks nice but i have question, so would be good if i get answers on it before i start thinking to order PCB

ok so here we go :

1. I wanna make a synth controller .. how many potentiometers MIDI CPU can handle .. only 8 or more ( like in manual figure 9.4) .. I would like to have like 104 controls for a microwave

so .. is it possible to achieve that many potentiometer connections to Midi CPU or at least 2x 64 or something ! ... or that is impossible!

thanx a lot

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Old 02-12-2016, 04:58 AM
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the most pots you can have hooked up at one time to a single MIDI CPU is 14 pots.

You could make 4 switchable layers.. each layer having it's own set of 14 pots.. so basically Layer 00h would be one set of 14 controls, then switch to Layer 01h and the same knobs would become a different set of 14 controls.. and again with layers 02h and 03h.

So in essence, you could get 56 controls using just 14 pots.

Hope that helps.
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