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Old 04-10-2017, 08:43 PM
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Cool DIY Sennheiser M-76 Program MIC Switch Assembly

Hello :

I have a problem to solve , I think this place has the answers . I hope so because I have been posting this question in many musician's forums and haven't received any significant information on solving this in any forum yet so far .

The Shure Bros 520D High Hz dynamic microphone element's sound characteristics are where I am coming from is the type of sound shape I need for my Blues Harmonica/Harp sound .

I have a T.C.Helicon Vocal Live 3 X that has a unique microphone option in the Sennheiser M-76 microphone with 5 switches on it to trigger preset changes or FX changes . These 5 swithes are also custom programmable too .

The M-76 is Low Hz . It uses phantom 48V power for it's cardiod condenser mic element and to power the LED screen on it's handle that shows what preset you're on and so forth .

The Shure Bros. 520D is High Hz -

What I am after is to be able to trigger the FX on my Vocal Live3 X while blowing hard performing on my harmonica/harp while using the Shure Bros. 520D element as the sound source and not the M-76's condenser element , a matching impedance x-former will have to be included in this solution to compensate for the impedance mismatch .

Can I find a solution here ?

EZ :


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