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Default Default MIDI configuration


I realise this is really basic stuff, but I am currently involved in a collaborative project and am not in the same town (or state!) as the physical MD24 board. I am a composer, and need to compile the MIDI data to drive a series of servo motors.

From reading the firmware guide, the MD24 comes with a default MIDI configuration. Does this mean that there is a default data type (cc, note on, etc.) that corresponds with motor position? If so, is there a document that outlines the default setup?

At this point, I am unsure of MIDI channel, data type etc.

I'd like to send my collaborator a MIDI file that can test the set-up, but am unsure of how to proceed. Apologies for my lack of electronics chops, I am just hoping to get info that is oriented toward the MIDI end of things, based on the default setup.



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Hi Heath, welcome to the forum.

The information you need can be found in the MD24 firmware manual. The PDF is linked at the MD24 product page:


The "Default Configuration" section provides a description of the MD24 factory default settings. The default is that the MD24 responds to MIDI notes 60-83. However, the default output is logic on/off (basically a "gate" signal for each note). To get servo control output, a sysex configuration message must be used to change the output type from logic on/off to a servo PWM signal.

Servo position can be controlled by any of the following:

- Note number
- Note velocity
- CC value
- Program number
- Pitch wheel

The channel can be any MIDI channel 1-16. (Each output can respond to a different MIDI channel).

Just let me know what message type and MIDI channel you'd like to use for each MD24 output. I will post a sysex file to configure the MD24 to generate the servo PWM signals.

It's also important to note the wiring of the servos to the MD24. You can find a wiring diagram in the MD24 hardware user manual, also available as a PDF at the MD24 product page.
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