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Default Support Request Guidelines

If you're having trouble with your MIDI CPU project, please include the following in your help request. We'll get things working.

1. Please review the "New User Orientation" thread and report the results of each test (Power, Control Terminal, MIDI Wiring).

2. If the basic tests above have checked out ok, please perform a "config dump" and include the results in your post.

The config dump is described in the "Configuration Retrieval" chapter of the MIDI CPU firmware user manual. Send the following SysEx string to the MIDI CPU:

F0 00 01 5D 04 00 7F 00 F7

and record the response from the MIDI CPU using a program like SendSX. More information here.

3. Please include images, if possible. "A picture is worth a thousand words." A sketch of your wiring may take some extra time to draw, but the investment could save lots of time & prevent confusion during troubleshooting. Image files can be attached to a post using the "manage attachments" button, or you're welcome to include a URL in your post.

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