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Old 05-28-2011, 12:28 AM
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Default Triggering Vintage Analog Drum Machines via MIDI

M. writes:

Am I correct to understand that the md24 could send trigger to up to 24 different analog devices? I am interested in purchasing, but want to make sure I am understanding correctly.
Yes. The MD24 has 24 independent outputs, each of which can generate a 5V trigger signal.

So...if you know how to trigger the analog device using either a ground pulse or a 5V pulse, you can do it with the MD24.

Would each trigger out need to operate on its own channel?
Each is completely independent, both by note number and channel. So with 24 outputs, you could have 24 different notes on one channel, 6 notes on each of 4 channels, notes on all 16 channels, or some other combination.

For example, if I wanted to send 4 different midi sequences to 4 different analog drum machines, would I connect each output on the md24 to the trigger in on each analog device, and send midi messages from the sequencer through the md24 to the analog devices on 4 different channels?
You could definitely do that, if that's the way you'd like things to work. Another option would be to assign each machine a unique group of notes, and keep them all on the same channel. It's a matter of your preference.
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