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Default MIDI response latency questions

J. writes:

I am interested in using your MD24 MIDI decoder for driving a light display with musical intruments. Do you know what the time delay is between when the MD24 receives a MIDI note on signal and when it outputs a logic level HI? I think this is termed "latency" and is usually given in milliseconds.
The short answer is:

The latency of the MD24 is very close to zero and is negligible compared to the latency of the MIDI signal itself (which is somewhere between roughly 0.5ms and 1ms for a message like note-on).

The longer answer:

The MD24 uses a microcontroller that executes 8 million instructions per second. That's .125 us (microseconds) per instruction. The MD24 might execute a few hundred instructions to process a MIDI event and change its output state. The exact number varies depending on the configuration & type of event.

A conservative estimate might be 300 instructions. So the latency on that would be:

300 * .125 us = 37.5 us = .0375 milliseconds.

So you can see that this is very small compared to the time it takes the MIDI message to travel thru the serial MIDI interface.

Hope this helps.
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