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Default MIDI2600 Internal/External Q&A

A recent conversation regarding the MIDI2600...

R writes:

i purchased the midi internal kit and wanted to know how i can control the menu system for the synthcart with a midi music keyboard
Since the menu system is navigated using the select/reset switches and keypad buttons, it is definitely possible to make menu selections via MIDI. You'll just have to trigger the notes for the buttons that correspond to your selections. See the installation notes to see where the select/reset connections are made for your version of the console.

[QUOTE]if i need to access the atari console i might be better off with the external kit. i see i can control the select/reset switches with the external kit...[/QOUTE]

Both the internal & external versions of the kit can control the select/reset switches. The connections are made inside the console either way.

how do i switch the keyboard to play the atari but also make selections to use the synthcart menu system?cause on the midi chart it shows certian notes will correspond to select/reset commands.
The MIDI implemenation is such that each keypad button corresponds to a MIDI note. So you can use that note to trigger a sound during normal operation, and also to make a menu selection from the menu screen.

So, to make a menu selection via MIDI, you'd first send the MIDI note to enter the menu (select or reset), then you'd send a MIDI note for the keypad button corresponding to the menu selection you want.

if i have to hack into my atari to set up select reset switches, i rather get the external midi kit, also does the external midi kit not interfere with the paddle controllers?
The MIDI2600-Internal will indeed prevent the paddles from working when installed. If you opt for the MIDI2600-External, you can disconnect it and the paddles will still work fine.

if i get the external midi kit, can i use the select/reset switches on the atari itself to avoid having to hookup a select/reset inside the board?
Yes, you can still use the select/reset buttons manually, in combination with the MIDI keypad input. So you can still access all of the Synthcart functionality without having to open up the Atari.

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