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Post MIDISpeak ROM Mode Troubleshooting

Use this checklist if you have installed your MIDISpeak and are having trouble generating sounds.

1. Check for normal operation of host.

Disconnect any MIDI cables. Attempt normal operation of the Speak using the keypad.
  • If the toy works normally, skip to step 2.
  • If there is "noise" on the display or the toy does not respond to keypad input, please double-check your assembly and installation wiring. It may be helpful to remove the batteries from the host and use a continuity tester to check for short circuits where the MIDISpeak is connected to the host.
With the host powered on, use a voltmeter to check the following:
  • Voltage across C4 should be 5V or the same as the battery terminals, whichever is less. If not, there is a short circuit on the MIDISpeak, or the MIDISpeak is not receiving power.
  • Voltage on pins 11-16 of IC1 should be the same as the voltage on C4. If not, the microcontroller may not be functioning.
  • Voltage on BUS/GLITCH 1-6 should be similar to that on "PWR -": roughly -12V to -18V from the negative battery terminal.
    Place a diode in the positive supply connection to the MIDISpeak as directed in the installation guide.

2: Check for incoming MIDI data.

Connect a MIDI controller or sequencer to the MIDISpeak. Make sure to follow the power-on sequence for your host device type.

Each MIDI note should cause a brief flash on the Speak's display.
  • If you observe activity on the display, go to step 3.
  • If you can't produce this result, check the wiring of the MIDI jack. Double-check the MIDISpeak channel setting and the channel setting of your MIDI controller or sequencer.

3: Attempt to generate sound.

Try a variety of different MIDI notes and modulation wheel positions.

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