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Default MIDISpeak Installation Service / Help

J. writes:

I would like to put a midispeak2 into my speak&spell (key-version) but I don't have the skills to do it myself, I think. Is it easy to install? Maybe I can send you the device (from Germany) to assemble it. Or do you think I could do it even as an electro-greenhorn?
We do not offer in-house installation service at this time--sorry. But you may be able to arrange something with Class A Electronics or Alien-Devices, which are linked at the top of the MIDISpeak product page.

I've also been contacted by Phil at www.digitaltrash.info who is in Germany and offers device modification service.

Another option is to find a nearby hackerspace--there's a good chance that you'll find someone who might be interested in collaborating on a MIDISpeak install.

Assembling the MIDISpeak isn't terribly difficult, but the installation requires some soldering skill, so it might not be a great project unless you've had some soldering practice first.
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