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Default MIDISpeak Results

P. writes:

I have a question about Speak and Math board variations.

First off, it is working. The sounds just are not as great as some of
the other videos I have seen. I am using a 64 key controller with the
best results, a Yamaha MU5 with ok results, and a Roland Tr 505 with
almost no results. I have the channel set up correctly.. so I guess my
question is..

Is the wiring the same for all Speak and products, my Speak and Math
looks a little different than yours on the inside.
I'll assume that you have a "ROM mode" install.

Yes, there are more host circuit board variations than what are pictured on the website. However, if you're using the analogous pins on different revisions, you should have a successful install.

Since you're getting a response from MIDI input, your install is probably at least "mostly" correct.

The first question I usually ask is:

Does the same MIDI note generate the same sound every time? This is the best indication of a successful install.

You may have limited output based on the controller you use. A drum machine, for example, only sends a handful of different MIDI note numbers. So if those note numbers happen to be less-impressive sounds on the Speak's speech ROM, you won't get great results.

The best way to test is to try a large range of note numbers on a large range of sound "banks". You can change banks by using the mod wheel. Check out the MIDI implementation details here:


If the sounds continue to be unsatisfactory, please provide some more details and we'll discuss further.
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