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Default MD24 / Servo Questions

D. writes:

I am interested in purchasing the MD24 MIDI Decoder to use it connected with as many (cheap) RC Servos as possible. Each RC servo should respond to a different MIDI CC signal.
Ok. This is no problem for a single MD24.

Since I am new in this field I would appreciate your advice on the following:

Since each servo needs 3 cables "+", "-" and "signal" I guess that I can connect a maximum of 8 servos to MD24. Is there any limitation related to the power consumption of the servos? All servos might work at the same time.
The MD24 only provides the "signal". You'll need a separate power supply for the servos. (Most servos will work with a 5VDC or 6VDC supply.)

....so, you can control 24 servos with a single MD24.

Please download the MD24 hardware user manual from the MD24 product page. You'll see a servo wiring diagram which will clarify things.

I don't know if I am right but my thought is to remotely control potentiometers with these servos, meaning that eg. a MIDI CC value of 125 should automatically turn the servo axis to a corresponding, desired position/angle. Is there a way to calibrate the servo angle range eg. from 0 degrees for CC value 0 to 300 degrees for CC value 127?
I think most typical servos have a travel of 90-180 degrees. It might be limited by the mechanical design of the servo--so you might need to find a certain type of servo with a 300 degree range.

The MD24 provides an adjustable PWM signal that should be able to accommodate any servo, regardless of the range of travel.

Hope this helps--I'd be happy to continue the discussion.
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