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Old 08-28-2011, 02:29 AM
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Thumbs down 9VAC Power Supplies for Roland GR33 & Digitech GNX4 DAW

Wasssssssssssssssup All :

Bewilders me :

It's says it uses 9 VAC and not 9VDC ?

I know audio signals have to have a sign wave that has no ripples so the audio is smooth . Does this also apply to midi electric signals as well ?

Can you by pass this AC input it says it needs and find a rectifier circuit that changes the AC to DC ?

My Digitech GNX4 DAW also uses a 9 VAC power in from a wall wart .

Same question is there a AC to DC rectifier in there to change that pulsating AC ?

If so can these units by pass their rectifier ( if there is one in them ) and then receive a power source from a 9 VDC battery like a stomp box or stomp FX unit would ?

Thanks to anyone who can tackle this question and answer it .

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon
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