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Default Correcting Erratic Midi Clocks?

Hello Midi genius people,

So I have something of a dilemma.

Short version is thus: My Adrenalinn III's Midi Sync seems to be sensitive and disagreeable to irregularities in Clock signal that my other equipment is sending. What to do?

Now for more detail...

I'm using an RC-50 along with an Adrenalinn iii effect pedal. I've never had any problems linking any of my other Midi clock hardware this way. Mainly, My rig's clock goes:

RC-50 --->
MOTU Midi multitap ---->
A) SR-16
B) SL-20 Slicer (for keyboard)
C) Adrenalinn iii

(A, B, and C all come directly from the mutitap).

One of the main reasons I got the Adrenalinn is the ability to beat-sync effects via Midi. With one exception, it does this beautifully. To avoid redundancy, here's the question I posed to their customer support and the answer I got:

Q: The delay is cutting out. Sometimes the whole delay loop just clears. So even though it's set to repeat several times, sometimes it just clears the repeat pattern all at once, as though it suddenly forgot what it was doing. Curiously, this ONLY ever happens with Delay. Reverb, Arp sequences, and other effects involving echo or memory are working fine. It only seems to happen when I'm using Midi Sync. What's wrong?

A: The problem is a simple one. When AdrenaLinn III's Delay Time setting is set to any beat-synced value, the Delay Time is derived from the playing tempo. If the tempo changes, the delay must be recalculated, which silences the existing delay and creates a new one at the new tempo. If AdrenaLinn III is synced to incoming MIDI Clock, the tempo is provided from MIDI Clock. Often, the computer or device sending MIDI Clock sends the clock messages erratically, pausing between clock messages then rapidly bunching them together to catch up, as a result of other priorities in the computer's operating system. This is more common in Windows computers but also can happen in macs depending on what background processes (backups, iCloud processes, etc.). AdrenaLinn III tries to smooth out these timing variations but there is only so much it can do. If those variations in MIDI Clock timing are too great, AdrenaLinn III sees this as a tempo change and must recalculate the Delay Time, which results in the delay signal stopping and restarting at the new tempo.

Possible workarounds include:

1) Setting Delay Time to a fixed value that happens to provide the same delay time as the beat-synced value you wish to use.

2) Using AdrenaLinn III as MIDI Clock master instead of slave.

3) If you're sending MIDI Clock from a computer, turn off any background processes that might be preempting the sending of MIDI Clock messages.


I find it kind of odd that the other beat-synced effects work fine, but whatever. Anyhow, what can I do?

None of the solutions quite sit right with me.

1) Would probably give way to drifting, and wouldn't be locked right on the beat.
2) Is plausible, but inconvenient. I'd have to bend over and set up the BPM for each song on the Adrenalinn (and memorize it) rather than use the RC-50's memory presets to know the BPM. Plus it's one more thing to select (each song already requires adjustments from a few pieces of hardware :/)

Moreover I don't know if it's ultimately a good idea since I want to eventually upgrade to the RC-300 may not be able to make a good Midi slave (the manual suggests you can only slave it to another RC-300, and many have expressed dissatisfaction at the slaving ability of the RC-50 anyway).

On the other hand, perhaps the RC-300 is more stable.

3) Is irrelevant since I'm not using a computer.

Anyway... thoughts? Suggestions? I wonder if maybe there is some intermediary device that would smooth out received clock information coming from the RC-50 in a better way? Maybe like a MOTU Timepiece?

Thanks for any advice.
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