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Old 12-23-2012, 09:34 AM
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Default Get the latest MIDI CPU firmware here. (1.2a, 1.4beta4)

Note: if you want to know the firmware version for your MIDI CPU, use the "Firmware Version Retrieval SysEx Message" as described in the firmware user manual.

Firmware Version 1.2a (latest production release)

This update fixes a bug in version 1.2 that causes occasional "stuck notes" when matrixed switches are used in conjunction with MIDI note remapping and/or note transposition. The update will have no effect on applications that do not use these features.

To update your MIDI CPU to version 1.2a:

1. Download the version 1.2 firmware manual.

2. Download the version 1.2a firmware update sysex file

3. Follow the firmware update procedure in the "Firmware Update" section of the manual downloaded in step 1.

Firmware Version 1.4beta4 (latest beta release)

To update your MIDI CPU to the latest beta firmware release, follow these instructions:

1. Download the latest firmware manual.

2. Download the latest firmware update sysex file.

3. Follow the entire firmware update procedure in the "Firmware Update" section of the manual downloaded in step 1.

1.4 (manual) Changelog:
  • 1.4beta4:
    - Added indirect address registers 29h and 2Ah.
    - Added informational registers 21h - 25h that can be used to display the last note number, note velocity, CC number, CC value, and program number sent by the MIDI CPU.
  • 1.4beta3:
    - Added new multipurpose regsiters 1Eh-29h
    - Global matrix velocity and CC on/off values are now controlled exclusively via registers 1E-20h. Encoder input and analog input control terminal modes dedicated to these variables have been eliminated. SysEx messages dedicated to these variables have been eliminated (use register config instead).
    - Added encoder input modes 1Ah, 1Ch, 1Dh, 1Eh for data register manipulation.
    - Added analog input modes 0Ch, 0Dh, 0Eh for data register manipulation.
  • 1.4beta2:
    - Added control terminal modes 5Dh, 5Eh and 5Fh. When used together, the MIDI CPU will generate an arbitrary sysex message with an embedded variable value determined by the contents of a MIDI CPU data register.
    - 7-segment LED output formats now control the "decimal point" based on the status of bit 7 in the LED state register
  • 1.4beta1:
    - Added new LED diplay formats: 7-segment unsigned decimal (count from 1), 7-segment unsigned hex, 3-bit indication
1.3 (manual) Changelog:
  • 1.3beta4 (update sysex):
    - Added multiple layers for LED output (highest active config layer is displayed).
    - Added "Global Refresh" function. See new logic trigger mode 7Dh.
    - Added optional "MIDI Messaging Throttle".
  • 1.3beta3:
    - Fixed bug that prevented config layer 0 from being disabled for switch matrix select outputs.
    - Changed logic input layer handling so that mode 7Fh does not prevent higher layers from being executed.
  • 1.3beta2:
    - Added multiple configuration layers for analog, encoder and matrix select terminals. (Until now, only logic inputs could use multiple layers.)
    - Added layer "toggling". In other words, the ability to globally enable/disable each control terminal configuration layer.
  • 1.3beta1:
    - Added configurable matrix polarity
    - Added configurable minimum, maximum, and "value wrap / round robin" functionality for data registers.
    - Added new logic modes for adding two registers together, and also for copying a value from one register to another.

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