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Default MIDI controlled audio switcher

I'm going to try and explain this in one breath. I am a guitar player giging clubs. In the past I have been using a Roland VG-99 guitar processor which outputs stereo audio to a Crown 2-channel amp. I put a 2-12 cabinet on each side of the stage. Recently, I bought a Fractal Axe FXII, which is also a stereo processor. I love them both and tried using them simultaneously with an additional Crown amp and 2 more 12" cab's. Fabulous!, to say the least! The VG is the master and when I change patches, via MIDI, the Fractal follows with a complimentary patch it's paired-up in the user patch memory. NOW, Here's the plan...design and build an audio router that performs (MIDI)word recognition on the MIDI command sent to the processors and routes the audio to the appropriate amplifier channel. example: VG is on the outer cab's and the fractal is inner (close to the drummer). Next patch change: Fractal is both cab's left, both right. VG outputs go nowhere and are effectively muted. Next change: VG L&R are on left 2 cab's, Fractal L&R on right 2 cab's.
Get the idea? Every patch has a unique MIDI code that is used to set up a certain combination of sound placements across the stage. I found a 4-1 audio switch IC (NJM2755) that accepts a 2-bit binary code for selecting the output. The purpose? The switching is automatic and the guitar player only worries about changing patches throughout the song. I'm going with balanced audio, so I'm switching twisted pairs using 4 chips. The MIDI controller would monitor the current patch and output an 8-bit data word (unique to a given patch) stored in memory. Alongside my FC-300 foot peddle would be an indicator of some kind telling me how the 4 channels are routed. In addition, some foot-switches for manual control. Refer to my diagrams that I am attaching. I welcome any and all information, advise and criticism. (and yes, I am a little bit crazy)
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More about this project here:

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