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Old 02-16-2009, 08:45 PM
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Default Using the MIDISpeak with a power supply instead of batteries

The MIDISpeak can be used in a host powered by a DC power supply rather than batteries.

First, the MIDISpeak power connections must be changed. The MIDISpeak "+" terminal should be connected to the "+" terminal of the power supply instead of the battery terminal. You can use one of the pins on the power supply sub-board (this is where the "-" connection is already). I can't remember the pin exactly--but it's easy to find with a continuity tester.

The "G" connection may be able stay on the battery terminal, but I'm not sure about that. In any case, you'll want the "G" terminal to be connected to the "-" terminal of the power supply.

Finally, it's important that the power supply output voltage does not exceed 6V. This can be tricky, because most "wall wart" type supplies with a nominal 6V output will acutally supply a larger voltage. You'll have to check the output of your power supply with a voltmeter to be sure of the output voltage. A larger output voltage will cause the MIDISpeak to malfunction (display "noise" and inoperable host, etc).
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Old 02-28-2009, 11:11 AM
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Default Faulty Speak & Read (not MIDISpeak)


I bought a Speak & Read on eBay and it's arrived faulty. I'm guessing that the previous owner may have fried it by using the wrong power supply; it doesn't work properly using battery power - just glitches itself, in fact - but seems to work OK with a 12V AC adapter. Surely these things don't usually take 12V?? Any ideas how I might fix it, ultimately to install a MIDISpeak? I'd prefer to get it running on battery power, if possible.


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