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Old 06-18-2013, 08:19 PM
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Hi Blaize,

Originally Posted by Blaize View Post
3rd time i have asked. please tell me what the ACT light means.
ACT is an abbreviation for "activity". The whole word doesn't fit on the PCB. For the MD24, activity is indicated whenever a MIDI message is received that affects any of the MD24 outputs. For more information, see the "Indicator LEDs" section of the MD24 firmware user manual. The PDF can be downloaded from the MD24 product page.

How do i get the md24 to send inverted triggers?
Check out the MD24 output mode listing in the firmware user manual. The default mode is 01h, "Note Trigger". To get an inverted output signal, use mode 02h, "Inverted Note Trigger".

You can find some info about sending a configuration sysex message to the MD24 here:


The thread is written for the MIDI CPU, but it applies to the MD24 as well.

If you need some help writing the sysex message, let me know. If you're only changing to an inverted note response, just take the "default configuration" sysex message from the firmware manual and replace mode values 01h with 02h.
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