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Default Yamaha VSS-100 MIDI Retrofit Guide

Step #0: Read the UMR2 user manual! You can download it from the UMR2 product page.

Always remove batteries and disconnect any power supply from the host keyboard before wiring activity.

1. (VERY IMPORTANT) Connect Matrix Polarity Jumper

Connect the UMR2 Matrix Polarity Jumper for the "Active Low" setting. You can do this by soldering a small piece of wire as shown.

2. Power and MIDI: Wiring and Test

Connect the UMR2 "DC IN" terminals and MIDI terminals as shown in the diagram. With the host keyboard powered on, test the MIDI signal path by making the following connections:

MIDI Controller MIDI Out -> UMR2 MIDI In
UMR2 MIDI Out -> Sound Module MIDI In

Test the UMR2 "software MIDI thru" by attempting to control the sound module with the MIDI controller. This confirms that the MIDI and power wiring are correct.

3. Matrix and Switch Wiring

Complete the matrix wiring and PRGM and MODE switch wiring as shown in the diagram.

Host power and ribbon locations:

4. UMR2 Setup Procedure

Complete the UMR2 Setup Procedure as described in the UMR2 user manual. This allows the UMR2 to "learn" the keyboard switch matrix configuration of the host, and also sets the MIDI channel and note range.

5. Post Feedback

Post a reply to let us know how this worked for you.
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