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Old 10-31-2014, 07:03 PM
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Default Casio PT-1

Hi everyone,
I'm interested in retrofiting the Casio PT-1.

Since I fully understand and manage to apprehend the John and other's guides to UMR2 for others model, but I can't begin to comprehend from scrath the matrix and scopes, if someone had some clues to help me out starting... maybe a similar synth already done with a guide here... (the VL-1 ? but it seems problematic here with low voltage : http://forum.highlyliquid.com/showthread.php?t=1226)

Thanks if anyone could help a little. The PT-1 seems pretty common to me, it's a shmae I couldn't find any tutorials out there. Anyway, I'll report back with full details and video.

Thanks again. Attached, the matrix.
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Old 10-31-2014, 08:05 PM
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Hi Redrom, welcome to the forum.

I always thought the PT-1 would make a cool little MIDI controller. It's been many years since I looked inside one, but your excellent photo is a good reminder of the difficulties presented by the integrated PCB (vs a synth with a separate keyswitch PCB).

My advice here would be the same as for the VL-1--might work, if you can execute some really tedious soldering. But I'm not totally sure.

Sorry for not having better info! I'll be interested to hear how things work out for you.
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