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Default MIDIWidget Power Questions

J. writes:

Can I use the USB connector, which also supplies power, when I am powering the MIDIWidget through the circuit boards Vin and Gnd connectors or will the 2 power sources conflict?
Yes. There will be no conflict.

The MIDIWidget has a power mux that will use the VIN terminals as a power source whenever possible. Only when VIN is too low (< 5V) or absent will the MIDIWidget draw power via USB.

Additionally, the USB connector can be plugged or unplugged at any time while the MIDIWidget is powered via the VIN terminals.

What is the current source capability of the 5V source lines, labeled 5V on the circuit board, (not the 24 outputs lines)?
These terminals are connected to the 5V rail on the MIDIWidget, the source of which is either the USB 5V line, or the on-board 5V regulator that is connected to the VIN terminals.

The on-board regulator can supply 1A of current. So you can use some of that capacity by drawing from the 5V pins, but how much is available at a given time will depend on the output being sourced from the 24 MIDI-controlled outputs.

Correctly-used MIDI-controlled outputs will source up to ~600mA, and the other circuitry on the board will use up to ~30mA.

If you are using USB as a power source, you'll want to keep the use of the 5V supply to a minimum, unless you want to risk the computer turning off the power to the USB port.
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