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Default MIDIWidget Firmware Update Procedure

1. Power off the MIDIWidget.

2. Connect terminal SW3 to ground.

3. Connect the MIDIWidget to a Windows computer.

4. Disconnect terminal SW3. Both the ACT and STBY LEDs should remain lit.

5. The MIDIWidget should appear in the Windows Device Manager device tree under "Atmel USB Devices" as "ATmega32U2". You may have to install a driver included with the FLIP download package. See this document for driver installation information.

6. Launch Atmel FLIP.


7. Press Ctrl+U to open a USB connection to the MIDIWidget.

8. Press Ctrl+L to open the MIDIWidget firmware .hex file.

9. In the "Operations Flow" area, check each box: Erase, Blank Check, Program, Verify.

10. Click the "Run" button.

11. Click the "Start Application" button.

12. Exit FLIP.

13. Run a matching version of MIDIWidget Configurator to set up the MIDIWidget.

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