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Old 05-02-2009, 02:43 PM
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Default CS01-MIDI Installed Inside the CS01

William Bottin (http://myspace.com/bottinski and http://www.williambottin.com/) managed to successfully install the CS01-MIDI board inside the CS01 case.

He writes:

I don't know if I'd suggest anyone to do it, since it's a rather tricky task...here's what I did:
  • remove the speaker (it's glued. so you'll have to slaughter it - sorry!)
  • file off the bits of plastic that ket the speaker in place
  • drill a hole for the midi socket and place it there. you might have to bend some of din pins, but it'll fit, eventually.
  • put isolating tape on the keyboard metal frame to avoid short circuits with the kit.
  • place the kit (with no dip switches) and connect the dc and midi wires as seen in picture. (leds can be left off - but if you want you can place them leds so that their light will be visible from the speaker grid)
  • now try to place the cs01 pcb back in its place. watch out for the headphone and output jack, they must not go over the midi kit. you might have to fill off other bits of plastic from the cs01 case. have a blast
  • once you're sure that it fits (don't rush it. it's a trial-and-error process!), remove it and position all the wiring on the back of the keyboard
  • once the cs01 pcb is back in place, the midi kit wire should come out next to the black keyboard wires (see pic)
  • connect the 12 control wires, the dc wires and finally the midi.
  • carefully reassemble the cs01 case.
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Old 01-12-2011, 07:07 AM
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i also managed to squeeze the kit inside the cs01, so i can confirm that it can be done. but it was harder than what i expected from reading william's description. i don't see how he managed to fit his kit into his cs01 the way shown in his pics, it wouldn't work like that with mine. maybe it has got to do with different hardware revisions (his seems to be a black mk2 cs01, mine is a grey mk1), or maybe he didn't socket his ics. for me, the installation process differed in three points from the description given above:

- the speaker was easy to remove, all i had to do was remove two screws, it wasn't glued.

- i had to saw off some bits of the keyboard metal frame to make room for ic2 on the umr kit. otherwise the kit wouldn't fit.

- still the umr kit was colliding with a big fat capacitator on the cs01 pcb. i put that one on two short wires and moved it into the hole left in the pcb for the speaker.

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