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Default Midiwidget Configurator

This is a first world problem...

Would it be possible to modify the Midiwidget configurator so I can enter the name of the device being controlled next to or instead of the output name on the left of the configuration screen? Ideally these would then be transposed to the top row of the preset configuration screen, and could be saved for future recall.

I'm building a guitar switcher using a Midiwidget. It will be a one stop shop with multiple mono loops, some stereo loops, switchable outputs to two amps, some trs switching circuits for amp / effect control and a couple of PWM outs to use for midi control of things like tremolo speed.

A tidy physical layout has unfortunately left me with Midiwidget outputs that don't correspond with a given loop number (ie: Loop 1 is controlled by Widget output 23 etc)

This generates a lot of complexity when programming as it's hard to tell what you are adjusting without the lid off the device. By being able to name the physical device being switched (ie: Delay / Flange / Tuner etc) programming would be much more intuitive.

It's pretty amazing how much this little device can do.
Pic of work so far attached
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