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Default MSA MIDI Signal Test

If the MSA is not responding to MIDI, the MIDI signal path can be easily tested.

First, connect the MSA MIDI In to the MIDI Out from a MIDI controller, or sequencer, or computer.

Then, connect the MSA MIDI Thru to the MIDI In on a known-working MIDI device or computer.

Try to send a message from the MIDI controller thru the MSA to the known-working device. If the device responds, then the MSA MIDI wiring is correct.

The technique can also be used with a single computer, and an application like Bome SendSX. In this case, use the MSA MIDI Thru to "loop back" to the computer. Any MIDI messages sent by SendSX from the "MIDI Out" panel should go into the MSA, out from the MSA MIDI Thru port, and then be echoed on the SendSX "MIDI In" panel. A simple message to try is something like "90 00 01", which is a hex code for a MIDI Note-On message.

Information about SendSX is here:


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