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Default Triggering Letters/Words, MIDI Pitch

T. writes:

I want to map letters and words to a MIDI keyboard. Can this be done with MIDIspeak?
Yes. The main thing to keep in mind is that the MIDISpeak triggers speech using data from specific addresses in the toy's ROM. Most of these addresses do not contain proper speech data--therefore, most MIDI notes will generate "glitchy" (or gibberish) type sounds. However, by trial and error, you will be able to find certain MIDI notes in certain banks that trigger proper words & phrases (in other words, the notes that correspond to addresses which contain proper speech data).

Can the sounds "overlap"? I believe in the original device, one sound had to end before the other could begin. I could be wrong, because it has been a long time since I have seen one. Is this a limitation when using MIDI speak in Keypad mode?
In keypad mode, the Speak will operate just as it would normally. The only difference is that the keys on the keypad are "pressed" by the MIDISpeak, rather than your finger.

However, in ROM mode, the MIDISpeak bypasses the keypad interface, and injects speech synthesis commands directly to the speech chip inside the Speak. Whenever a MIDI note is received, any speech currently underway will be immediately interrupted by the new speech command. Therefore, multiple sounds can be "compounded" via a sequence of MIDI notes.

...ROM mode is much more useful than keypad mode for almost all applications.

Are there any adjustments to the pitch and such? Velocity sensitivity?
The MIDISpeak does not process velocity information, nor does it control the output pitch.

However, the potentiometer outputs of the MPA kit can be used to control the Speak's onboard clock generator, therefore controlling the output pitch of generated speech. Look for Speak "pitch mods" on the web for more info. It could potentially control the output loudness as well, but I haven't tried that before.
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