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Default Output pulse on both CC "on" and CC "off"

J. writes:

I recently purchased an MSA-R board and have assembled it and begun programming it through the sqwerl app. For my particular application, Iím using it as a midi interface between a Bradshaw RS-10 midi ground control and a voodoo lab amp selector. The amp selector is a manual unit with 4 push buttons, one for each amp.

My challenge is that my ground control can send a CC value of 0 or 127 corresponding to when the push button is on or off, effectively a latching switch. The push buttons on the amp selector are set up as momentary, where a momentary pulse turns the amp on, another momentary pulse turns it off. Going through the firmware manual for the MSA-R, there appears to only be an option to have the relay on/off or pulsed on the rising edge of the CC message only. Ideally, I need the relay to pulse momentarily on the rising edge of the CC going from 0 to 127, and to pulse again on the falling edge of the CC going from 127 back to 0.

Is there any way to affect this through the firmware?
If you take a look at the mode description for the CC fixed-length pulse mode, there is a "threshold" parameter. If you set the threshold to 00h, a pulse will be generated on both edges of the CC message.

Hope this helps.
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