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Default Dual MIDI Thru on Rev K MSA

C. writes:

I've just purchased two of your MSA-Rs, and am in interested in making a minor hardware modification to the units. For my application, I have no need for the MIDI out, but do need two MIDI thrus. Therefore, I was hoping that I might be able to cut a track and add a wire link to facilitate this change. Are you able to send me any instructions for doing this?
Yes--what you want to do is possible. The soldering will be a little bit delicate but not impossible.

This applies to MSA Rev K only.

1. Break the trace that connects U1 pin #11 to RN6.

2. Connect the pin of RN6 that you just disconnected to the adjacent pin on RN6 (the trace that connects to U3).

This makes the on-board MSA MIDI Out port function as a second MIDI Thru.
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