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Old 12-31-2012, 11:39 PM
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Default Univox SR-55 MIDI Retrofit (Vintage Drum Machine)

X. writes:

I'm looking forward to buying the midi retrofit for my SR-55- this will be my first project outside of guitar pedal land. I have a couple question i hope you good gentlemen will entertain. Was wondering first if you think the difficulty might require sown more experienced eyes? Also, do the sounds (9 in a SR-55) individually map to 9 different midi channels or do they layout over a "keyboard" on one midi channel? How do you switch channels? And if the most important thing to me is syncing the SR-55 with the rest of my midi gear, should I opt for a cv in kit instead?
I don't have experience with this specific drum machine, so my advice will be for vintage drum machines in general.

The best choices are the MD24 and MSA-P. (In the past I have also recommend the MSA-R, but I think the MSA-P is better in most cases.)

The MD24 generates 5V logic signals, and the MSA-P has photorelay outputs that act as SPST switches.

Basically, if you can find a way to trigger the individual drum sounds "manually" using a logic pulse or a SPST switch, the MIDI part will be a piece of cake. (Triggering the individual sounds is possible with most, if not all of these older machines.) At that point, effectively, you will have a MIDI sound module that can be driven by any sequencer or software. You won't be limited to the built-in patterns, since you will be triggering each sound individually.

Here are some related forum threads that might be worth reading:


There are several more, but ultimately, it will take some experimentation with the SR-55 itself to get all of the information that you need.
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