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Default MIDI retrofit for electronic tabla machine

M. writes:

I have recently acquired an electronic taabla machine from india and I would very much like to include it in my live performance.
Unfortunately it is quite a basic machine so it does not have a MIDI sync or MIDI in.
Would it be possible to create a MIDI input to sync the patterns from this machine to the rest of my gear?
I have never had any experience with this kind of work which is why I come to you for advice.
I do believe a retrofit kit is what would do the trick but are these all different according to what machine they are built onto?
What would this depend on?
Anything that has buttons for user input can be retrofitted for MIDI input. I recommend using something like the MSA-P:


The MSA-P has 8 relay outputs that act just like a switch. So if you connect a relay in parallel with a switch on the device, you can trigger that switch using a MIDI note.

If the individual sounds on the device can be triggered with button input, then you can create any type of MIDI sequence that you like using a sequencer.

If the device does not have buttons for individual sounds, further investigation will be required. I don't have direct experience with this type of device, so I'd need to see a device schematic to make further comment.
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