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Old 05-20-2012, 06:26 PM
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Default Allen ADC midi for sequencing

I'm looking to enable midi record and playback for keydata for my Allen ADC-4300 (digital organ circa 1989) . I have no interest in controlling the pistons, stops or expression shoes at this time. There are two 61 note each manuals and the pedalboard of 32 notes. I have seen the previous thread from a poster with an ADC-1000 with John's response of a 12x4 matrix. I don't yet know it this is the same as my instrument. Allen has been wonderful in supplying me with many pages of service technical manuals but mostly audio chain stuff. I will drop them a note for key wiring (have the stop jamb wiring).

What is required to determine what boards are required to both record and playback keyboard data and in what configuration would they be connected? 1 midi CPU per manual and pedal? Would the MD24 be used to activate keying for playback and be matrixed as well or would it require discrete output/key thus requiring 3 - MD24s per manual?

I use the instrument daily and do not want to turn this into project which will disable the instrument for extended periods. I do have technical expertise and circuit level troubleshooting experience but little MIDI knowledge or experience. I may be thinking it is more complicated than it is ..... Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may offer.
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Old 05-24-2012, 01:56 PM
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Hi Solutionsforu, welcome.

If you can post a schematic of the manual wiring, it will help greatly. Until then, anything I could write would be very speculative.

You might also try contacting some of the other forum members that have completed Allen projects. Perhaps they will have some advice for you.
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