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Default MIDI for Roland VP-330 and Yamaha SK-20

R. writes:

Hello, I'm wondering if you're selling midi kits for a roland vp-330 and Yamaha SK-20...
Is there an universal midi kit that can do the job to get a simple midi (note on note off) in that keyboard ?
The answer for these devices is the same as for most others:

In general, if the device employs key switches in a matrix, then the UMR2 is the correct choice. Details about how switch matrices and the UMR2 work can be found here:


For other keyboards, the best approach is probably to use the MD24. The exact details of how this can work depends a lot on the exact circuitry of the host device.

If you can post a schematic of your target device on the forum, we can begin to discuss retrofit strategies.
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Old 10-19-2012, 12:00 PM
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SK-20 Uses the same yamaha KAC as the other SKs, and the D65/85 and C55 (I think) organs.
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