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Old 03-14-2013, 08:45 PM
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Default Augmenting a Pipe Organ using Virtual Organ Software

D. writes:

I am looking for a tone generator to use in the augmentation of a 17-rank pipe organ. I need one with 16 voices that can be used in different divisions, some of them in more than one division at a time. I plan to use a Syndyne relay because I love the programmable driver boards. In order to take full advantage of the programmable feature, we want to be able to switch back and forth between an acoustic 8' principal on the great, or a synthesized one, and the same applies to the great 4' octave. Both of those stops are unified for the bottom 32 notes so they will play in both the great and pedal. I am including a list of the voices we want as an attachment. I use the term, " tone generator" instead of "sound module" because the unit must be controlled from the console stop tabs and key signals and be "invisible" to the performer.
In order to trigger the sounds in a tone generator, you will need to send a MIDI signal from your organ console.

Highly Liquid manufactures the MIDI CPU, a product that will allow you to get MIDI output from your organ manuals and other controls. It accepts all kinds of control input from manuals, stops, etc.

Many organ-related project examples can be found at the blog and at the MIDI CPU support forum.

Once you have your organ sending out a MIDI signal, you can use "virtual organ" software to generate the sounds that you need. The two that I know of are:

Hauptwerk: http://www.hauptwerk.com/

Miditzer: http://www.virtualorgan.com/
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