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Old 03-16-2013, 05:47 PM
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Default MIDI Retrofits: Roland TR-606 & MC-202, Yamaha MR10, Casiotone MT-45

G. writes:

i have these pieces of gear i'm looking to midify:
-roland tr-606 drum machine
-yamaha mr10 drum machine
-roland mc-202
-casiotone mt-45

do you all do midi installations as well or just sell kits? any information you might be able to provide would be great.
We do not offer in-house installation at this time, sorry.

The MD24 can be used to retrofit vintage drum machines. It has 24 5V logic outputs. So if it is possible to trigger the sounds of the drum machine using a 5V logic pulse, then the MD24 can do the job. Here and here is some general info about using the MD24 for this purpose. It might also be useful to take a look at some threads for other specific drum machines. An approach that what works for one machine is likely to work for others from the same era. Check out the threads for the Boss DR-110 and Ace Tone Rhythm Ace.

An alternative to the MD24 is the MSA-R (or MSA-P). The MSA-R has reed relay outputs that can be controlled by MIDI. Wire the relay contacts in parallel with the manual switches on the drum machine, and you have instant MIDI control over those functions.

For the Casiotone MT-45, the UMR2 is the correct choice. There are no specific instructions for the MT-45 yet, but this article describes how the UMR2 works. If you can post a diagram of the MT-45's keyboard switch matrix, we can work through the installation details in the UMR2 forum.
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