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Old 01-18-2014, 01:45 PM
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Default Recomendations For A Low Cost Midi Controller? (With Pitch Joystick)

Hi all,
I'm getting attracted towards electronic music and I want to purchase a midi controller.

What I want:

1) Pitch Joystick, instead of Pitch wheel. Preferably something like the EDIROLs have:
Image Link
As far as I know, it goes both left and right, and up and down.

2) Additional Controls for controlling my DAW. I' not really sure exactly what I want in this department since I'm just getting started but basically some knobs for modulation/automation control and some faders for the in-DAW-mixer would be nice.

What I Have:

3) I already have a Casio CDP-120 Digital Piano. so I have a full length keyboard with great touch response for all kinds of instruments and also plenty of samples on my PC so I don't need built-in sounds. What I need are the extra controls of Pitch & Modulation, Automation, additional Knobs etc. so keyboard length is not that important, if it's possible and lowers costs I would buy something that has only the controls and no keys at all. although a few octaves are a good investment for the future when I'll get out of the home studio...

Budget & Options
1) Low as possible, I was thinking about 100$ tops would get me a decent midi controller on eBay(I don't mind getting one used if I can trust it works)

2) The only thing I could find that fits my needs is EDIROL PCRs. for example Edirol PCR 300 | eBay This one is a lil' pricy, but I think I can find one for less. What do you think about this option? I also noticed there's an PCR-M series which looks better ;-) what are the main differences?

Thanks in advance for the help,

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