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Old 01-31-2011, 08:43 PM
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Default MPA, Clavinova Volume Control, Active Sense

J. writes:

Hello, I am very interested in using your MPA MIDI Decoder. My intent is to replace a 10K stereo potentiometer with your kit so I can use MIDI to control the volume of an old Yamaha clavinova piano. The clavinova is circa 1985 and does not recognize midi volume control messages.
Also, the clavinova requires a continual stream of active sense messages in order to keep producing notes. So I was hoping to also use the MPA decoder to merge active sense messages in with whatever note events it receives on its MIDI IN, and send that merged stream to its MIDI OUT.

Can this kit do these two things?
Yes--the MPA MIDI Thru will send any Active Sense messages that are received at the MIDI In port. So, as long as the "master" MIDI device is generating active sense, you can use these connections:

"Master" MIDI Out -> MPA MIDI In
MPA MIDI Thru -> Clavinova MIDI In

...this way, the MPA can respond to volume control, and the Clavinova will still receive the active sense signal.

This is not "merging" per se, but is standard MIDI Thru functionality.
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Old 01-31-2011, 10:10 PM
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J. adds:

what you describe in there would not quite work for me since my MIDI controller does not send active sense
Ok. In this case, we can use a MIDI CPU to add the active sense messages. Like this:

MIDI Controller -> MIDI CPU -> MPA -> Clavinova

The MIDI CPU will pass along all of the messages from the MIDI controller and also will add active sense messages. The MPA is still required, since the MIDI CPU does not include any potentiometer outputs.
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