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Default Midi and solenoids

I have an issue with trailing notes on my MIDI controlled solenoid valve, air horn rig.

at 0036 into this video 4 notes in succesion bleed into each other.
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I believe some of this to be a purely mechanical issue, air taking time to bleed through a small orfice. But i'm understanding there is also an electrical issue, with the time it takes for a magnetic field to collapse.

Here are my thoughts on how to reduce this time. Reduce the voltage from 12VDC to 10VDC or so, less voltage applied less voltage to bleed, faster collapse???
Wire a series resistor across the coil in parallel with the protection diodes?? sort of a pull down resistor.

Any thoughts or other ideas??
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Hi Dana,

Interesting question. I'm not an expert, but it does seem to be the case that the use of the flyback diode / protection diode adds some delay to the solenoid "drop out" time. Yet some kind of protection is required so that the control electronics are not damaged.

The flyback diode is in the "snubber" circuit category. Perhaps the use of an appropriate alternative snubber can help:


The discussions online about reducing dropout times seem to revolve around using a different snubber other than a diode. This is the most relevant discussion I found:


At this point, what I know is only what I can find with Google, so I'll have to leave it there.

Your idea about reducing the supply voltage to the solenoid should help at least a little bit. It seems to be a good practice to use the smallest amount of power that still provides an adequate solenoid "on" response.
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